Thrillville (Video Game)

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Thrillville is a game in which you try to upkeep a theme park and make guests happy. You serve a scientist named Mortimer, who is always researching new games and rides.


Once you choose your person, you start with one theme park, called Thrillville. You may build games, rides, stalls and coasters. You also have to do missions to please Mortimer. These mission types are Games, Build, Upkeep, Business, and Guests. Once you complete a certain number of missions, you unlock a new park. Once you unlock a new park, you have to do more missions and build other stuff. You do that for all the parks until you get to park five and complete the game.

Parks & Subparks[edit]

There are a total of five parks altogether. Each park has three subparks which are different areas of the park.

  • Thrillville
    • Superville
    • Lunarville
    • Ogreville
  • Thrillville Timewarp
    • Futureville
    • Prime-E-Ville
    • Frontierville
  • Thrillville Paradise
    • Sultanville
    • Pirateville
    • Hinterville
  • Thrillville Adventures
    • Horrorville
    • Medi-E-Ville
    • Ninjaville
  • Treasures of Thrillville
    • Incaville
    • Pharoahville
    • Prospectorville